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There’s only one source in the world with the most variety in cruise ticketing, and you’ve found it! Picking the perfect cruise event experience is all about variety, and here at we specialize in providing the best cruise event and holiday cruise tickets. From New Year’s Eve Cruises, Halloween Party Cruises and Fourth of July Cruise tickets, to dinner and live entertainment cruises, we’ve got it covered. Find the cruise, buy your tickets, and start planning your trip today!

New York City Cruises

New York is home to one of the busiest cities in the country, New York City. All day long people rush back and forth commuting everywhere on packed subways and buses. Working through this stressful week can leave anyone feeling like they need to de-stress and unwind. Our weekly booze cruises are the perfect quick escape from the tiring hustle of living in the city. Our booze cruises will give you the best views of NYC throughout your cruise.

Spending the holidays in New York City and looking for something to do for the night? Then take a look at one of our holiday cruises, with a live DJ playing music and multiple levels for you to spend your night. Let us take care of you with our open bar and full dinner buffet packages. Take a tour of NYC from the sea and get beautiful views of the city for your holiday celebration. Spend your New Year’s Eve out at sea enjoying a full dinner buffet and premium open bar while sailing around the city. Celebrate July 4th with us and give yourself the perfect view of the fireworks with the city in the background. You can even celebrate Halloween with us and enjoy a not so typical costume party this year! Our NYC holiday cruises are an experience that you won’t find anywhere else!

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Rock the Yacht: Friday Night Party Cruise
Rock the Yacht: Saturday Night Party Cruise
Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Cornucopia Majesty Yacht
July 4th Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Hornblower Infinity Yacht
Rock the Yacht: Memorial Weekend Yacht Party Aboard the Spirit of Chicago Yacht
Rock the Yacht Memorial Day Yacht Party Aboard the Mystic Blue
Tuesday Night Sunset Happy Hour Cruise Aboard the Mystic Blue Yacht
Monday Night Sunset Happy Hour Cruise Aboard the Mystic Blue Yacht

Chicago Cruises

It’s a regular day during the week in Chicago and you’re looking for something to do in the windy city. You’re feeling stressed out and looking for a little stress reliever, but you don’t know what to do just yet. You’re tired of doing the same old weekly bar crawls or showing up to the same clubs during the week. So why not try out one of our weekly booze cruises? Let us treat you to a good time and take you away from the stressful workweek for a little bit. No booze cruise in Chicago is like ours; our cruises are going to give you everything that you need. A live DJ, open bar packages, a multilevel cruise and a tour of the city no matter the day!

Don’t celebrate your Chicago holidays the way you always do and book a ticket on one of our party cruises! Enjoy your New Year’s Eve reminiscing about the year that just passed and create brand new memories for the year to come while on our cruise. How about a July 4th fireworks cruise to celebrate the nation’s birthday the right way! You can even enjoy a Halloween cruise with us to bring back that excited Halloween spirit you used to have. No matter what the holiday is, these Chicago party cruises will have you celebrating the right way!

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San Francisco Cruises

Give your San Francisco holiday celebrations a little more life this year and join us on our booze cruise. No matter the occasion you’re looking to celebrate, we will take care of you. On one of our cruises, you will enjoy a live DJ, spacious dance floors, bars on board, and an experience that you won’t forget. Our cruise is going to give you a great holiday celebration and leave you with memories that are going to last a lifetime. Make your San Francisco celebrations the best that they could be and book a ticket to one of our cruises now!

Celebrate your New Year’s Eve in San Francisco aboard a spacious and multileveled cruise. Take in the sights of the city as you sail through the Bay Area on an amazing cruise. Grab drinks at the bar and toast to a happy and healthy New Year aboard our cruise. How about making this year’s Halloween night perfect by getting a ticket to one of our Halloween booze cruises. Share the night with nothing but excited Halloween lovers and enjoy a night filled with music, drinks, and views! We also have July 4th cruises so you can forget about heading to that Fourth of July barbecue this year!

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Rock the Yacht Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard the Empress Yacht
Rock the Yacht: New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard The Empress Yacht

Miami Cruises

Searching for the best New Year’s plans in Miami and want to try out something different this year? Then book a ticket now for one of our Miami New Year’s cruises. This booze cruise is going to bring your celebration to the sea and give you an unforgettable time. Enjoy any level of the cruise and the live DJ who will be playing music throughout the entire cruise. To accompany your music, we will have an open bar available for you as you sail through South Beach. Don’t let yourself miss out on this booze cruise and book your tickets now! Let us help you enjoy a Miami New Year’s celebration that you won’t forget aboard one of our booze cruises!

If you’re going to spending your Halloween in Miami, don’t go to the traditional Halloween parties this year. Let us treat you to our version of a Halloween party aboard our Halloween booze cruise. Take in all the sites of South Beach as you sail through Miami with music, drinks, and all of your closest friends! This Halloween party is going to be like no other Halloween party you’ve been to before. You can even spend your July 4th night with us aboard one of our booze cruises. As you view South Beach from a new angle, we are going to put you in the perfect space to see the July 4th fireworks. Watch as the fireworks explode with bursts of color against the Miami night sky. We guarantee that no other cruise in Miami is going to take care of your holiday needs like us!

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Boston Cruises

Celebrate your holidays in Boston this year aboard one of our booze cruises and make this year’s celebration one that you won’t forget. We are going to take care of you for your holidays by giving you the best Boston party cruises that you could find. Whatever the occasion may be, big or small; you will have the best night out in Boston. Sail around the city and enjoy unique views of Boston. This year, make your holiday celebrations worthwhile and enjoy an experience that you won’t get anywhere else.

Our cruises in Boston are the best around, we not only give you a party for your night but an experience altogether. Whether you want to celebrate Halloween, New Year’s Eve or July 4th, the celebration that you will get with us will be unforgettable. Not only will you enjoy a party, but also your cruise will give you a wonderful tour of Boston throughout the night. Share drinks and dance the night away with everyone on board while you all celebrate the holidays. Our Boston booze cruise is going to leave you with memories that are going to last you a lifetime. Raise your glasses on one of our holiday cruises for one of the best Boston holiday celebrations you could find!

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