9 90’s Costume Ideas You Could Do This Halloween

The 90’s, a decade that encaptured things like the early films of seminal directors like Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson, the Simpsons at its peak, and MTV when they stopped playing music and focused on reality tv. It was such a great time for TV, the 90’s just had so many memorable shows, it’s uncanny. And especially for sitcoms. If it’s one thing the 90’s had in droves was sitcoms, many of them fondly remembered, even if they all don’t necessarily hold up. Even so, tons of these characters make for good 90’s costume ideas.

This Halloween, why don’t you let the 90’s kid in you loose and make your own costume out of these classic sitcoms. Keep reading for some neat ideas on how you can be totally 90’s at this year’s costume party. And if you need help finding a costume party, we’ve got you covered.

90’s Costume Ideas

Urkel/Family Matters

While the focus of the show is on how family matters, the only one that really matters is Urkel. At least when it comes to Halloween costumes. While many other sitcoms of the times tried to copy the character of Steve Urkel, none could emulate the perfect comedic timing of Jaleel White.

You could even do a dynamic group costume as the whole Family Matters cast, because every Urkel needs a Laura Winslow. And it’d be a fairly easy group costume to pull off, one person needs to be Urkel, suspenders glasses, the works. And maybe one other person wears a cop uniform to be Laura’s father. The rest can pretty much wear a typical 90’s fit.

Mr.Feenie (Boy Meets World)

We all remember Mr. Feenie, the friendly old neighbor to the Matthews family in Boy Meets World who would often five life lessons to the Matthews brothers from the other side of the fence. For years after the show’s finale in 2000, Mr Feenie remained one of the most memorable characters in all of 90’s sitcom-dom.

All you really need to pull this costume off is some old-man swag, and some large framed glasses. Maybe make a makeshift white picket fence and attach it to your clothes for some extra laughs. 

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Fresh Prince Of Bel-air 

First things first, rest in peace Uncle Phil, for real. The Fresh Prince has to be the definition of a beloved sitcom. Reruns still run in heavy rotation to this day on multiple networks. And the theme song is so popular that reciting any of it’s lyrics in a crowded room will incite a sing-a-long.

You can’t go wrong with dressing as the Fresh Prince himself, but it’s not like there aren’t plenty of characters from the main cast that make for perfect Halloween costumes.

Put on a sweater vest and khakis and you’ve got yourself a Carlton costume. A fake bald scalp and fake grey beard with a judge outfit will have you looking like Uncle Phil. And if you’ve got enough people to commit you could even come to the Halloween party as the whole cast.

Doogie Howser M.D.

More of a comedy-drama than just a sitcom, Doogie Howser, M.D. starred a young Neil Patrick Harris as a 16 year old medical doctor prodigy. Each episode would usually revolve around the prodigy learning more or less the same lesson over-and-over again; that while he is a genius, he doesn’t know everything. The series also tried to discuss social issues regarding race, society, and problems plaguing the youth.  It often didn’t fully deliver on these issues, they get an A+ for effort though.

Pulling this look off won’t be to hard. All you really need is a doctor’s coat, with a  fake stethoscope and a doctor’s ID Badge with the name Doogie Howser on it. You could take it a step further and buy a doctor’s costume two sizes too small, as a play on the whole “child doctor” thing.

Any of the characters played by Martin Lawrence on Martin

The seminal 90’s classic sitcom Martin featured a long list of memorable characters, a lot of them played by Mr. Lawrence himself. All of which are amazing 90’s costume ideas for this Halloween.

Throw on a snapback, striped t-shirt, and add some fake boogers and you’ll be the snot-nosed  Rosco. You’ll get plenty of laughs from Martin-fans showing up to the party dressed as Jerome (especially if you can nail get that 70’s pimp voice). 

But perhaps the most famous character played by Martin on Martin besides Martin himself is Sheneneh Jenkins. If you’re trying to capture that look, you’ll need some makeup, obnoxiously big hoop earrings, and a cheetah print coat.

Mr. Cooper

The early 90’s sitcom followed the trials and tribulations of former pro basketball player Mark Cooper, now working as a substitute gym teacher because…well because reasons.

It ran for 5 seasons and starred Mark Curry the titular lead character.  While the show may not be remembered for its great characters or stories. The theme song (which there were multiple of), and Mr. Cooper’s super zanny 90’s outfits have stood the test of time.

You could go two ways with this costume, you could wear an obnoxiously bright or overly designed tracksuit, or an equally obnoxious bright suit and wacky tie combo; top it off with a clipboard and basketball and you’ve got yourself a DIY totally 90’s Halloween costume.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Before Riverdale, The first archie character to make onto the silver screen in live-action was Sabrina the Teenage Witch. While there weren’t really any callbacks to her Archie Comics’ origins in this adaptation, the characters and stories stayed pretty much intact with her comic book counterpart; save for a couple of changes here and there.

If you’re going for the whole retro thing (which, if you’re reading this you probably are) you can dress as a 90’s teenager with a black plush cat as her witty sidekick; maybe even add a witch hat to really drive the point home. You could even do a group costume if you find two other people to be here invasive but well-meaning aunts Zelda and Hilda.

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Cousin Skeeter

The early days of Nickelodeon brought us some classic, if forgotten child-tv sitcoms. One of the most bizarre, yet totally normal was cousin skeeter. Which featured a puppet named Skeeter as one of its leads. The show would follow the antics of a do-things-by-the-book teenager Bobby as his life is completely 180’ed by his living-puppet cousin, Skeeter.

There is really only two ways to do this costume justice. You either come to the Halloween party dressed as Bobby (which essentially is just a regular 90’s outfit) and have a Skeeter-like puppet in your hand. Or you find/make a your own puppet mask and be skeeter himself. Either way you’ll get tons of props from fellow 90’s kids when sporting this Halloween costume.

Teen Angel
We’re doubting many of you reading this have ever heard, let alone remember this gem. But it has one of the best premises we’ve ever heard for a sitcom ever. A teenager boy named Marty is dared to eat a six-month old cheese burger by one of his friends; this ultimately results in Marty’s death.

He’s then granted a second life as a spirit, and instead of haunting the friend that made him eat the burger like we probably would; he becomes his guardian angel. This is a fairly easy costume to pull off, all you need is an all-white tracksuit and some angel wings.

 Got any 90’s costume ideas of your own? Cool! Tell on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We really wanna know what you’ll be wearing this Halloween.

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