Let Loose at One of These After Work Events!

The day-in, day-out routine of a busy work life can be very fulfilling; it nurtures a goal oriented mindset, which is great for keeping up good habits that help us operate more efficiently in both our professional and personal lives. It’s this discipline that makes the weekends worth waiting for, it’s our time  to unwind and maybe even let loose on the dancefloor.

But, *Morpheus voice* what if I told you…the space between the workweek and the weekend is just an illusion you’ve been living your entire work-life; and that, it is possible to enjoy weekend-esque fun during the weekday. Now you can either click the back arrow, and continue living the fallacy that your work week can’t have some weekend excitement, or you can keep scrolling down, and learn about the world underneath the one your living, one where like-minded professionals choose to celebrate a work-day well spent; a world known of….the after work events.      

After Work Events

Yes, after work events are definitely a thing in most (if not all) metropolitan areas across the country. These are events that cater towards the 9-to-5ers looking to connect with other 9-to-5ers around their work-area, without being surrounded by the average loud and obnoxious party-goer you’d find at most bars or clubs. The ideal vibe of an after work event is a sweet spot between a nice lounge and trendy club.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little drinks and mingling after work, in fact, it’s actually quite healthy to let your brain go adrift after a hectic work day. But, if you’re the type of workaholic who can’t fully disconnect from the office, then after work events are definitely for you too.

After work parties aren’t only for those trying to release the steam built up from a long day of grinding on the clock, they also function as great networking events. So if your fishing for a new place to work, or wanna break the ice and build professional relationships to bring back to the office and turn those into profitable ventures, try an after work event, you might just be surprised who you find.

Why not on a boat?

If you’re gonna work hard, why not play hard? Get creative and enjoy an after work event while sailing the sea. Think of it like this, how much further could you really get from the hustle of worklife than on the water? Here are some great upcoming afterwork events on the water in Chicago and New York.

Upcoming after work cruises - Monday Night Sunset Cocktail Cruise Chicago

Monday & Tuesday in Chicago

If you hate Mondays, don’t, the start of the work week should always be seen as fresh restart as opposed to the popular energy-killing attitude of it being a drag. Another reason to not hate Mondays can be found on the Mystic Blue Yacht Monday Night Sunset Cocktail Cruise. Oh wait, it’s not over, there’s also Tuesday. On a Tuesday? Yes. The Mystic Blue sets sail again during the Rock the Yacht: Tuesday Night Happy Hour Cruise. Enjoy a drink and order from our menu of artesian remixes of bar favorites.

Thursday and Friday in New York

Haven’t you heard? Thursday is the new Friday in NYC! Well…not really, but it’ll certainly feel like it when you’re aboard the Skyport Marina on our Thursday Night Sunset After Work Cruise, or get on the Hornblower Yacht for our Alive After Five Thursday Happy Hour Cruise. Mix and mingle while you enjoy an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. We also have a Friday Night Happy Hour Cruise for all you fan’s of the old Friday.  Order a VIP admission and enjoy 2 hours of an open bar serving all your favorite drinks.

So the next time you’re thinking of partying on a weekday, be sure to check out our regularly scheduled spectacular afterwork events!

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