Our Halloween Costume Party Cruises Across The Country

When it comes to holidays, we gotta say, Christmas is probably our favorite. That being said, Halloween is a close-second…right behind Thanksgiving. But what makes Halloween so great besides the candy, is the awesome Halloween parties. It’s so much fun getting all dressed up as your favorite celebrity, movie character, or whatever you want, and […]

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Let Loose at One of These After Work Events!

The day-in, day-out routine of a busy work life can be very fulfilling; it nurtures a goal oriented mindset, which is great for keeping up good habits that help us operate more efficiently in both our professional and personal lives. It’s this discipline that makes the weekends worth waiting for, it’s our time  to unwind […]

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New York City happy hour

New York City Happy Hour Specials to Check Out!

There’s definitely nothing better than catching a great happy hour special in the city on any day. Whether you’re looking to get some drinks after work or just for the night, we have got you covered. These New York City happy hour specials are some of the best that you could find for the week. […]

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Miami New Year's Eve

Where to Celebrate Your Miami New Year’s Eve

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Miami with one of these great events and enjoy the perfect celebration to end off 2017. Miami is a beautiful city to celebrate New Year’s Eve in, this party city is definitely home to some great venues and events. No matter how you’re looking to celebrate your New Year’s Eve […]

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Times Square New Year's Eve ball drop

Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop History

Celebrating your New Year’s Eve in New York City is definitely an experience like nothing else. This huge busy city attracts millions of people to celebrate and party into the New Year with an unforgettable experience. Definitely one of the best NYC New Year’s Eve events that takes place in New York City would have […]

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Halloween Costume Ideas for Our Halloween Cruises!

Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re still searching around for a costume, you better act fast! With less than a week until Halloween, we know that you could use some help with picking out your Halloween costume. Especially if you’re coming on board our Halloween cruises, then you definitely don’t want to […]

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Chicago happy hour specials

Chicago Happy Hour Specials to Check Out!

Probably one of the best things to do after leaving the office, is to hit up an happy hour special and enjoy some drinks with your coworkers and friends. There’s nothing better than enjoying some drinks and saving some cash while you’re at it. Chicago happy hour specials are definitely something worth checking out. Whether […]

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nyc halloween events

NYC Halloween Events to Celebrate in 2017

It feels like the summer just came and went this year. We’re already in September and Halloween is right around the corner. With Halloween being on a Tuesday this year, you definitely have to get the most out of our weekend. New York City is going to be filled with Halloween events this year and […]

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