About Prohibition Halloween Party Cruise Aboard the San Francisco Belle

The best Halloween Bay Area event this year will be aboard The San Francisco Belle. Ghouls and gals, we’ve awakened the ghosts of San Francisco’s prohibition-era party animals for a shindig on The Bay. Prepare yourselves, for this night, will be one of joyous celebrations, sparkling refreshments by the boatload, and a sight like no other, San Francisco’s breathtaking skyline.

Premier Prohibition Halloween Bay Area Yacht Party

We’re elevating Hallows Eve ceremonies to new heights aboard the beauty of a vessel known formally as The San Francisco Belle. This enormous ship will take you on a tour of The San Francisco Bay with plenty of sights that’ll delight, such as Alcatraz, The Golden Gate Bridge, and Treasure Island.

The festivities become apparent as soon as you set foot aboard. Prance and parade as our live Disc Jockey treats you to a well-curated assortment of the latest and greatest in popular music.

While no strict dress codes are enforced, we are inclined to ask our attendees to come dressed for the occasion and adorn themselves in their finest prohibition-era garbs. Think flapper-girls, oversized mobster suits, masquerade masks, and gloves.

One more thing. We’re only letting 1500 guests aboard this exclusive Halloween Bay Area cruise. So rest assured, no styles will be cramped aboard this vessel.

Let’s Get Social!
The night will be an immense celebration, so capture as many moments as you can on that phone of yours. But don’t be stingy with all those memories, share some of those amazing pics and vids with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Don’t forget to tag us; and while you’re at it!

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