Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Do This Year!

Not every Halloween costume has to be costly and elaborate to be great. You can get just as much done with a lot less. All you really need is some creativity, a little ingenuity, and most importantly, you need to have that Halloween spirit. Here is a list of some pretty easy Halloween costumes to get your brain ticking and get that creative muscle working this Halloween.

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Easy Halloween costumes

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easy halloween costumes

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re scrolling through a website looking for information, then *Wham! You’re hit the dreaded error 404. A true horror in the digital age; the idea is both modern, and humorous. Making it one of the best easy Halloween costumes you can do this year.

All you really need a white shirt and a black sharpie for this costume. Unless you’re not that confident in your calligraphy skills and want to buy a screen printed t-shirt with the dreaded message. 

Nudists Wearing Clothes

A costume as clever as it is lazy. The nudist on strike costume is as frugal as it gets. The only costume on this list that literally allows you to wear whatever you want. Now, you may be thinking this is the easy way out for getting a clever costume with minimal effort. And we may be inclined to agree, to an extent.

There is still a way to add some complexity to this seemingly simple costume. All that work you’re not putting into the wardrobe can be put into the sign. Try coming up with a catchy slogan, or draw something to illustrate the meaning of your cause. If you have any funny nudist strike chants (Ex. Got my shirt, and shoes, still no service)  go ahead and tweet #NudistOnStrike. Don’t forget to @ us.

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Black Cat

A Halloween classic, the black cat finds its way into every Halloween party on the face of the earth. And for good reason too, it’s a fairly simple costume that attains the Halloween spirit perfectly. I mean, can you name a symbol more synonymous with Halloween than the black cat….besides the jack o’lantern….and maybe witches…and cobwebs. Look, the point is the black cat is pretty close to being as Halloween as it gets.  

What’s so great about this costume, besides it being a fan favorite, is that it’s really easy to do and pull of right. All you really need is an all-black outfit, some cat ears (that you could either buy or make from scratch), and some black face paint and your good to go.

DominoEasy Halloween Costumes

This is a classic for school teachers around the world; the simple and reliable Domino costume. Why is this costume so popular amongst middle and high school educators? We’ll never know. But what we do know is that it’s not a hard costume to pull of and look good.

Get your domino game night on Halloween with an all-white, or all-black outfit, with the opposite colored dots placed up and down the front of your costume. But we recommend going for this frugal costume if you’ve a few friends willing to commit to a group costume. Because nobody wants to see a lone domino.

Ballon Fruit

Remember those really funny Fruit of The Loom commercials a decade-and-some-change ago? You know, the ones with that undeniably catchy song. Well even if you don’t remember, this cool, easy to do costume is sure to impress at any Halloween party.

The formula is pretty simple. You pick a circular or oval shaped fruit (like grapes, figs, or any sort of berry really) and get balloons that match the color of said fruit. Then all you have to due to secure the balloons to your person and there you have it. The most effective way to pull off this costume is by making sure your wardrobe matches the color of the balloons.

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Pajama Party

Ready for a sleepover? This is yet another one of those easy Halloween costumes that’s been championed by the millennial and done to death by whatever we’re calling the generation after the millennials. You’re not limited to just footie pajamas though. There are plenty of ways to really get creative with this Halloween costume. Like throwing on a nightgown and cap and pulling an Ebenezer Scrooge. This easy to do costume can be boosted with the addition of a stuffed animal.


This corny classic makes its way into plenty of Halloween parties each year. All you need is a touristy looking shirt. Think Hawaiian short sleeve, or a non-stylish striped short sleeve polo. Couple it with khakis, some sun lotion on the nose, and some sunglasses and you’ve got yourself the quintessential tourist.  

For some extra laughs, invest in some binoculars. Maybe even a straw hat; an ill-fitting baseball cap will work too. You could even go all the way and walk around with a large map the entire evening.


A little bit trendy, maybe even corny. The emoji as a costume shtick has probably been done todeath, but there are so many ways to go about this costume that it can never go stale. You could go simple and just buy a yellow t-shirt, and a black marker, and draw your favorite emoji face on it. Or, you could pick any type of colored shirt and print out an image of your chosen emoji, cut it out, and tape it to said shirt.

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