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Fun Ways You Can Spend Fourth of July in New York City

Fun Ways You Can Spend Fourth of July in New York City

Finding a good spot to watch the fireworks

Fourth of July in New York City can be a great experience. The city has so much to offer on a regular basis that holidays tend to be an even more extra-time for a city that’s already so extra. With so much going on, it’s a little overwhelming to try and figure out what to do in the big city. Especially if your trying to find a great spot to enjoy the annual Macy’s fireworks display. Here are some of our suggestions on how to make your fourth of July in New York one you’ll never forget.

There’s something about NYC and Macy’s that just go together, from their big televised thanksgiving parade, to the attention grabbing holiday season window displays that tourist the world-over flock to their flagship 34th St Herald Square store to look at. Macy’s just holds a special place in the Big Apple when it comes to holidays, and July 4th is no exception. Fourth of July in New York is nothing without the annual Macy’s fireworks display. However, it can be a nightmare trying to find the perfect spot to setup a view for the lightshow. That is, unless you like thinking outside the box.

Fourth of July in New York

Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise

The city can be a little too crowded sometimes. Scratch that, the city can be a little too crowded all the time, and especially on the fourth of July. If finding a good place to catch a great view on land is seeming impossible, be assured that if there is a will, there’s a way; and that way is aboard the Cornucopia Majesty Yacht on the Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise. The Cornucopia Majesty herself is a 30,000 square foot beauty with three levels, ensuring all on-board passengers they get the space they need. The cruise will also give you the absolute best view of Macy’s fireworks  show and make your Fourth of July in New York City one you’ll never forget.

Amature Night At The Apollo

For a little over a century, the Apollo theater in Harlem has been a staple of American culture. So many famous acts from the past century have performed on that stage, from Ella FitzGerald to the Jackson 5, to Ne-Yo. Have an authentic NYC experience and hop on the train to W 125 st; you might just find your new favorite comedian, dancer, or singer.

HotDog Eating Contest

Move over baseball, America’s true pastime is taking its rightful place. Nathan’s World Famous Hot Dogs have cemented their name as some of the best weiners in town. So it’s only natural they’d host their own world renowned eating contest. The competition is hosted annually every fourth of July in New York at their most famous franchise location in Coney Island. Despite being a New York City staple since the early seventies, the event has  only recently gained mainstream popularity.  The contest has even been aired on ESPN. Professional League eaters from around the world compete for a chance to win the coveted Mustard belt for the men’s division. The winner of the women’s divisions is adorned a Pink Pepto Bismol sponsored belt. Which when you think about it, is the best possible sponsor for such an event.

More than one party on the seas

NYC is home to a plethora of venues with gorgeous balconies. But if you know your heart belongs to the ocean and missed your chance to get aboard the Cornucopia Majesty, your in luck. The Infinity Yacht will also be setting sail on July 4th. With it’s beautiful LED decorated interior, fully stacked buffet, and a DJ who knows what to play, you’ll definitely enjoy your fourth of July in New York and get the an amazing view of the Macy’s firework show.

Midnight Summer Swing at the Lincoln Center

While rooftop parties and cruises are cool, there’s nothing wrong with the ground. “Midnight Summer Swing” at the lincoln center is definitely one of the more beautiful spots on land to catch a dance under the stars.This premiere party runs from the end of June to mid July, meaning you can spend your fourth of July in New York dancing the night away to salsa, reggae, and latest trendy pop songs.

Why is a cruise the perfect place to spend your Fourth of July in New York? Because..

You get a perfect view of amazing fire works show while having the added benefit of sailing across the waters of NYC. Still have doubts?
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