Halloween Costume Ideas for Our Halloween Cruises!

Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re still searching around for a costume, you better act fast! With less than a week until Halloween, we know that you could use some help with picking out your Halloween costume. Especially if you’re coming on board our Halloween cruises, then you definitely don’t want to not have a costume for the night. If you haven’t checked out our Halloween costume ideas, take a look at them here and here. Check out our Halloween costume ideas and get ready to celebrate an unforgettable Halloween with us!

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Halloween costume

Halloween costume

What’s a better fitting costume for a Halloween cruise then throwing on a Baywatch inspired costume? This Halloween costume is perfect for either yourself or if you’re looking to do a couple’s inspired costume. With an option for both a man and woman, why not take advantage of this couple’s costume idea?




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Halloween costume

We’re pretty sure no one can forget about the frightening clown from the Saw movies and with Jigsaw being released this year, why not celebrate with this Halloween costume? This not so typical clown costume will definitely grab people’s attention and get you noticed. Throw on this Halloween costume for the night and party with your friends as this iconic Halloween character, but be sure to leave the tricycle at home for the night.



Snapchat Dancing Hotdog

Halloween costume

Now, whether you’re a frequent Snapchat user or not, you definitely have seen this popular dancing Hotdog somewhere on the Internet or social media. This dancing hotdog Snapchat filter almost became popular overnight it seems. Get this Halloween costume on and show off your creative side and dance moves if you’re really trying to look the part. When you step out in this costume, you’ll definitely turn some heads and get lots of attention.



Oreo Couples Costume

Halloween costume

Are you a fan of Oreo cookies and know someone who’s just as big of a fan? Throw on this Oreo cookie Halloween costume with a friend or that special someone and celebrate with this not so typical Halloween costume. Only issue with this costume is deciding who gets to wear the cream side of the cookie!



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