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Why Our NYC Party Cruises Are Unlike NYC Booze Cruises

Why Our NYC Party Cruises Are Unlike NYC Booze Cruises

Have you been searching around for a New York City booze cruise experience, but haven’t had the best luck with finding any? Sure, any boat can sail you through the city with drinks all night, but where’s the fun in that? NYC booze cruises should treat you to a night out like no other and that’s exactly what our weekly party cruises do! Of course, there are many NYC booze cruises to pick from, but what makes ours better? Well, have a look at all that you can enjoy when you set sail with us this week after work or even this weekend!

Our Weekly NYC Party Cruises Are Not Your Typical NYC Booze Cruises

Beautiful Yachts and Breathtaking Views

First, our weekly NYC party cruises put you aboard a beautiful and spacious yacht for your night. What other NYC booze cruises will put you on a multileveled yacht complete with climate controlled decks. Our weekly party cruise yachts also have outside observation decks for you to view the city as you sail. Fill your eyes with the beauty of the city and get up close with iconic landmarks. No other NYC booze cruises will have you viewing the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, and Chrysler Building right from the yacht. Sail next to Lady Liberty and get a quick sea tour of Ellis Island. View the Brooklyn Bridge from up close and sail right under when you party with us! Just think of all the photo ops that you’re missing out on when you’re not sailing with us.

Fully Stocked Bars and Package Add-Ons

Of course, NYC booze cruises give you drinks for your entire sail, but so do ours! When you set sail on one of our weekly party cruises, you will enjoy a fully stocked cash bar right on board. Keep the drinks pouring and make your night out unforgettable when you sail with us. To make your experience a little more special, we also offer great customizable package deals. Everything from full dinner buffets, window reserved seating, premium open bars, and bottle service can be purchased. Will other NYC booze cruises feed you when you sail and give you the option to have a view of the city as you eat? Our great drinks and packages are not all that you will enjoy when you set sail.

Live DJ Entertainment On Board

What would a party cruise be without some music? Our weekly party cruises will give you a live DJ right on board for you to take advantage of our yacht’s dance floor! Make your way to the dance floor with your friends and get down to the hits of this year. All of your favorite songs from the Top 40, Hip-Hop, Dance, and Pop charts will be played all night long! Listen and dance to the hottest tracks of this year all spun by your live DJ. You’re definitely going to have no problem dancing your night away on one of our yachts.

Weekly Convenience and Low Ticket Prices

What truly sets us apart from other NYC booze cruises is the availability of our weekly party cruises and the ticket prices. We have not one, not two, not even three, but more than five different weekly NYC party cruise options! That’s right we have cruises from Tuesday all the way until Sunday! So there’s definitely no excuse as to why you can’t sail with us. Our ticket prices also range from $25 to $35! With so many options available for sailing and prices that won’t break the bank, where will you be celebrating your night this week? Get on board one of our weekly party cruises and enjoy an after work event, a special night out, a special occasion celebration, or just an unforgettable night out in New York City! Take a look at all of our weekly NYC party cruises and set sail today.

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