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Costumes Ideas for Our NYC Halloween Goes Hollywood Cruise! (cont.)

Continuing where we left off, we have got more costume ideas for our Halloween Goes Hollywood Cruise aboard the Cornucopia Majesty! Whether you’re looking for something funny or glamorous, we’ve got something for you to throw on for the night. If you didn’t get our first costume recommendations, you can check them all out right here. Also, if you don’t know why you should celebrate on board the Cornucopia Majesty for Halloween, get updated here. Halloween is just a few weeks away and you don’t want to miss out on celebrating an unforgettable night out. Check out our costume ideas and book your tickets on board today!

Dark Zombie Horror Monster

NYC Halloween cruise costumes

Halloween has to call for a scary costume doesn’t it? Whether you’re looking to dress up in something fancy or just a scary look, this zombie costume definitely won’t disappoint. Throw on this costume and look like one of the best flesh-eating creatures on board the Cornucopia Majesty. Add some blood and makeup to your face and complete this look for our NYC Halloween cruise!





Bloody Carrie from Prom

What’s better than dressing up as a character from a classic horror movie? If you’ve never seen Carrie, then you probably won’t know about the famous prom scene from Carrie. This Carrie costume is definitely great for our NYC Halloween cruise, the look gives you the perfect outfit for the night. This bloody outfit keeps the Halloween spirit alive as you stand out among the crowd in your blood-drenched prom dress.




Inflatable Ostrich Costume

Add a little humor to the night with this inflatable ostrich costume. This costume works for either men or women and will create the illusion of you riding an ostrich. Not all of the costumes on board our NYC Halloween cruise have to be someone famous or a notable character. Throw on this costume and make the guests laugh on board as you “ride” your ostrich throughout the yacht!





Marilyn Monroe

There’s probably nothing better than throwing on a classic Halloween costume. Marilyn Monroe is the perfect outfit if you’re looking for something simple or a costume that people will know exactly who you are. This Marilyn Monroe costume is perfect for the night as you will look not only elegant but definitely Hollywood ready! Get this costume for our NYC Halloween cruise and bring this classic Hollywood look on board!





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