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Costume Ideas for Our NYC Halloween Goes Hollywood Cruise!

Halloween is about to go Hollywood this Halloween weekend with us in New York City! The Cornucopia Majesty will be hitting the seas of New York for an NYC Halloween cruise like no other. This luxurious and multileveled ship is going to take you on an adventure as you celebrate Halloween early with us. This NYC Halloween cruise is definitely one that you won’t want to miss. Of course, you’re going to need the perfect costume for the night and we have got you covered. Check out our recommended costumes for this NYC Halloween cruise and get your outfit inspiration here!

Wonder Woman

One of the most popular costume options for this year would definitely have to be Wonder Woman. With the success that the movie saw in the box office, this costume is for sure a good option. Throw on this costume and feel like a strong warrior princess for the night. With Wonder Woman set to appear on the big screen again for Justice League this November, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of this costume!





Pennywise the Clown from IT

IT is set to be released again this year with a remake based off the novel with the same name. And what better way to celebrate the remake of this movie than by dressing up as Pennywise himself! Whether you’re a male or female, this costume is perfect for the night on your NYC Halloween cruise. You can either purchase the costume, which includes the outfit and mask, or just use the outfit and paint your face with some Halloween makeup. No matter how you decide to throw on this outfit to celebrate on your NYC Halloween cruise, this costume is one that many will probably not expect to see!



Gatsby Flapper Costume


This outfit just gives off the impression of Halloween going Hollywood. There are many different options for this outfit. Throw on this costume and take a step into the Roaring 20s for the night. The versatility of this costume gives you different options to use for the night. Style up the costume with lots of jewelry or make it a simple look with just a few pieces. If you’re looking for an outfit that’s easy to custom to your liking, then this one is perfect for you!




Nerds Candy Couple Costume

Want to show a funnier side of your relationship or friendship? Check out this Nerds couple costume and save you and someone else the time of searching for an outfit! This costume includes two tunics and two pairs of glasses to complete the look. Stand together for pictures and look like one oversized Nerds box! This costume is perfect for couples who are looking to share a costume together. While this costume doesn’t scream Hollywood, it will definitely stand out in the crowd.




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