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When it comes to holidays, we gotta say, Christmas is probably our favorite. That being said, Halloween is a close-second…right behind Thanksgiving. But what makes Halloween so great besides the candy, is the awesome Halloween parties. It’s so much fun getting all dressed up as your favorite celebrity, movie character, or whatever you want, and have a fun night with your friends. And we’ve got tons of epic costume party cruises around the country for you to do just that.

Head To A New York Costume Party

You know, New York City isn’t so scary, at least not as much as its reputation would have you think. That being said, Halloween doesn’t really strike most New Yorkers as anything unusual. Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty common in the Big Apple to see people walking the streets draped in ridiculous costumes on a daily basis. The annual Halloween Parade could literally be renamed the “Regular Day in New York Parade” and it’d lose none of its previous connotations. Still, New York is always down to party. And we’ve got more than a couple of Halloween-themed parties on the water for a crazy-costume-night out.

Halloween Goes Hollywood Aboard the Cornucopia Majesty Yacht
NYC goes Hollywood on this super spooky (okay maybe not that spooky) cruise. There’ll be plenty of flashing lights aboard the gorgeous Cornucopia Majesty. Its custom LED interior will make you feel like you’re at a fancy-schmancy awards show. Get ready for a fright night filled with music that’ll ignite the bougie-halloweiner in you.

Eyes Wide Shut Midnight Dance Party Cruise Aboard the Cornucopia Majesty Yacht
The party doesn’t stop for The Majesty. This beautiful vessel goes out again for another spooky-not-so-spooky ride of debauchery on this late night costume party cruise. Dance your way into the early morning and feel like a real zombie on the walk back home.

Shipwrecked! The Halloween Party Cruise Aboard the Serenity Yacht
Don’t let the name fool you, this costume party is anything but wrecked. Sip on something nice while you sail atop the Hudson River draped in your finest garbs for a night you’ll never forget.  The climate-controlled interior decks of the Serenity will be the perfect place to boogie until midnight. Enjoy drinks, food, great music, and amazing views of NYC.

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Costume Party

Chicago Costume Party? YES!

Chicago definitely knows how to get down for a good o’le fashion monster mash. And we’ve got a couple amazing spooky yacht parties for Chicagoans to get their thrills. And it’s looking like the Spirit of Chicago is taking no breaks this Halloween season, with three cruises lined up for a spectacular Halloween weekend.

Titanic Masquerade – Pier Pressure Chicago Halloween Yacht Party
When you think about, isn’t the Titanic a really terrifying horror story? Just in case you’ve never heard it, let’s give you the rundown. Around the turn of the 20th century, an incredibly beautiful ship is designed that, apparently, is “unsinkable.” It’s marketed as one of the greatest achievements in science at the time. Then, on its very first voyage at sea, while it’s passengers are living it up, the ship does exactly what it was designed not to do, and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Sounds pretty scary to us; James Cameron really missed out; adapting this story into a romance is truly wasted potential for a horror classic. Anyway, in honor of this scary historical event (or the movie, your choice really) a super awesome yacht party has dedicated it’s namesake to the vessel that never made it back.

The Haunted Halloween Party Cruise 
Get in the season and hop aboard The Spirit of Chicago for a mid-day spooky costume cruise. This after-five yacht party is perfect for anyone looking to have a good night without it being a late-night. So get out of your work clothes, (or maybe just keep them on and pour some fake blood on them. #FrugalCostumes) and get into a costume and enjoy a night out on a haunted (not really) yacht!  

The 4th Annual Midnight Haunted Ghost Ship
For four years now this midnight moonlight cruise has been the go-to for Chicago party goers every Halloween season. We’ll be living it up in our freshest Halloween costumes partying until the early morning. So come hang with us late into the night, that is, if you’re not too scared.

Thinks that’s all Chicago has to offer? Think again!

Costume Party

San Francisco

The Golden city is full of spectacular cruises all year round, so it goes without saying that Halloween is no exception. Check out some of these excellent costume cruises headed the Bay Area’s way. 

Titanic Masquerade Halloween Party Cruise
The Titanic namesake cruise isn’t just limited to Chicago. This haunted Halloween yacht party makes its way to the Bay Area too. Board one of the top tier ships of the Commodore cruise fleet, The Fume Blanc is a massive beauty of a boat with 3 decks, and that’s including a sky deck. The interior is absolutely gorgeous and reminiscent of a 5-star restaurant. Sail your way into the morning on this epic SF cruise.

Speakeasy Halloween Party Cruise Aboard the San Francisco Belle
Enter this exclusive cruise for a night of well-deserved costume party debauchery. Come in your best zombie, werewolf, or magician costume; or anything you’d like really. Enjoy a Saturday night out on the San Francisco Belle, a yacht that’s just as pretty as its name.

Costume Party


Everybody loves to vacation in Miami, but did you know the city was voted the #1 most desired place to celebrate Halloween? Don’t fact check us on that, but do check out our awesome costume party aboard the Musette Yacht for a haunted Halloween cruise you’re sure to never forget.

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