Top Miami New Year’s Cruise

How should you celebrate your New Year’s Eve in Miami? Well, sure there are plenty of nightclubs and events going on in Miami, but what’s the best for you? We know you’ve done the same thing over and over again probably and you’re looking for something new this time around. You’re in luck as we have put together some of the best Miami New Year’s cruises sailing out this year! Have a look at these cruise selections and hop on board your Miami New Year’s cruise!

Rock the Yacht New Year’s Eve- The Captain JP Yacht

Get ready to rock the yacht with this Miami New Year’s cruise aboard the Captain JP Yacht! Get ready to get a taste of the South Beach lifestyle with this high-energy New Year’s party. Sail around South Beach and get beautiful night views of the city and South Beach. This Miami New Year’s cruise will have a live DJ on board and give you drinks all night long. You will enjoy a four-hour open bar for the cruise so make sure you order as many drinks as you can! To keep things festive there will be complimentary party favors given out as well. As midnight approaches, head to the outer deck of the cruise with your complimentary glass of champagne and enjoy the best view of the fireworks that you could possibly get! Make this great cruise your New Year’s destination this year.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Gala- The Musette Yacht

Sail around Miami aboard the Musette Yacht for your Miami New Year’s cruise and get ready for an amazing time. This Miami New Year’s cruise is going to sail you around in luxury and comfort. This multileveled yacht has both inner and outer climate-controlled decks. Whether you want to spend your time inside or out, the choice is all yours. While you sail aboard the Musette Yacht, you will enjoy a three and half hour open bar with a full dinner buffet! Grab a plate and some drinks then head to the dance floor and dance the last few hours of the year away to your live DJ. Take advantage of the complimentary party favors and snap some pictures with them as you sail through Miami. Afterward, you will bring in the New Year with a glass of champagne and an amazing view of the fireworks!

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party Cruise- The Bayride

This cruise, aboard the Bayride, is going to take you on a trip around South Beach while you take in all of the sights of the city. Your ticket aboard this Miami New Year’s cruise is just the start of your New Year’s experience. You will not only sail around South Beach for the night, but you will enjoy one of the best New Year’s parties going on. First, this cruise will give you a four-hour open bar and a complimentary champagne toast at midnight. Not only will you enjoy drinks throughout the night, but you will also have a live DJ on board! Your DJ is going keep the party going until midnight approaches. Once midnight hits, catch a view of the New Year’s fireworks from the exterior deck then head back in and party until your ship dock back at the pier!

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party Cruise- The Baybreeze

The wonderful Baybreeze is going to treat you to an amazing Miami New Year’s cruise. The Baybreeze will sail you around Miami and give you views of the best sights in the city. Sail through South Beach and view the beautiful beach at night, downtown Miami, the Miami skyline and so much more! Now we know you just don’t want a tour for your Miami New Year’s cruise, which is why your cruise is going to give you the best New Year’s party you could find. To start, your cruise will have a live DJ on board playing the top hits through the night to make you feel as if you’re at the best nightclub in Miami. Your cruise will also have a four-hour open bar available for you. Your New Year will then be brought in right in the middle of the New Year’s fireworks!

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party Cruise- The Island Wind

Hop aboard the Island Wind and get ready for your Miami New Year’s cruise with an experience like no other. The Island Wind is going to sail you around South Beach in comfort and treat you to amazing views. Snap pictures and videos throughout your cruise as you create unforgettable moments. A live DJ will be on board to keep you dancing with your friends and entertained. If you’re looking to drink for your New Year’s night, this cruise is going to take care of that. For your cruise, you will enjoy a four-hour open bar to keep the New Year’s festivities going. To top all of this off, you will have an amazing view of the fireworks from either the inside of your ship or on the outside deck. This Miami New Year’s cruise is giving you everything you need to celebrate the arrival of the year properly!

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