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The Atlantis Yacht

A beauty of a vessel, The Atlantis is one of NYC’s premier charter yachts, and for good reason. Just by the exterior, you’ll get a sense of the luxury and modern design this vessel offers.  A triple-decker threat that’s perfect for a myriad of private, and public gatherings. Such as parties, weddings, and other ceremonies. Keep reading and find out more about this lovely yacht.

The Atlantis Yacht  

Step into The Atlantis Yacht and gaze at its impeccable interior design within it’s two climate-controlled interior decks. The 1st deck draws you in with its banquet hall aesthetic. The tasteful use of LED lighting complements the stark white surfaces very well. This illumination carries its way throughout the entire interior. You’ll also find crafted designs woven into the interior of The Atlantis, such as the seahorses emblazoned onto the stairwells. The yacht also boasts an impressive custom sound system.

But it’s not all lights and sounds aboard this amazing vessel. It’s also a pretty spacious yacht. It’s two interior decks both offer ample amounts of seating; with enough space to suffice any dance party. The 2nd deck even has a wooden dance floor, and if that isn’t enough space, each deck has an outer deck on the bow where you can gaze into the views NYC has to offer.

But if you’re really looking to take in the views, make your way to the sky deck. Here, you’ll find stylish, lounge-style seating. Keep scrolling down and see the amazing events we have planned aboard The Atlantis Yacht.


Pier 81 - West 41st Street and West Side Highway
New York, NY 10036

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